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The Center For Natural Healing provides a full range of holistic therapies.

Colon Hyrdotherapy

The proper absorption of nutrients and complete elimination of waste products is absolutely essential to good health. Improper diet, insufficient exercise, stress, overeating and ignoring the “call of nature” can all lead to the build up of toxins in the colon, and a plethora of health problems – Fatigue, weight gain, headaches, bad breath, body odor, loss of memory, constipation and even cancer. Toxic colons are common in our fast paced society where processed foods high in sugar, additives and preservatives are the order of the day.

A colonic gently cleanses the large intestine using alternating warm and cool filtered water and abdominal massage. This irrigation combined with breathing techniques and massage also exercise and tones the colon, promoting the restoration proper peristalsis. He process is known for its healing, calming and relaxing benefits. The Center for Natural Healing uses the most up-to-date and disposable equipment available.

The Reiki Sanctuary

Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of healing. Reiki practitioners use hands-on and long-distance techniques for evoking universal energy and moving it through the person to promote healing on all levels – Physical, emotional and spiritual. Michelle, a Reiki Master, gives Reiki treatments and offers classes on Reiki throughout the year. Groups of students meet once a month to give Reiki treatments to one another and to interested inquirers.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatments

The Lymphatic system moves waste products created by fighting disease, rebuilding tissue and eliminating toxins out of cells and ultimately out of the body. When the lymphatic system gets clogged, the face, lymph nodes and body tissues retain toxins and fluid, and the whole body gets stiff and achy. When the condition becomes chronic, pain increases and the body’s ability to fight disease declines. During lymphatic drainage treatments, an electro-lymphatic machine is used break up congestion in the system and get the lymphatic fluids moving freely again.

The “Q” Experience Foot Bath

Negative Hydrogen Ions are necessary for life and yet we are getting fewer and fewer of them due to pollution and poor diets. The negative hydrogen ions in the “Q” water are found in great abundance. Just sitting in this “Q” field charged with these ions is like “recharging your batteries”. Benefits include Stress Reduction, Energy Enhancement, Emotional Balancing, Cleansing and Regeneration, Greater Insight and Intuition and Peacefulness.

TheraSauna – Dry Infrared Health Sauna Treatment

Infrared technology harnesses the sun’s healing effects on the human body. Infrared waves between 7 and 14 microns have proven to have special regenerative effects on the body with an optimum absorption at the 9.4 frequency. When any cell or tissue in the body is exposed to this level of infrared heat, healing processes are stimulated in the body. Benefits include: Detoxification (of the blood, lymph and tissue… even heavy metals!), Stress Reduction including sore muscles and achy joints, Weight Loss (burns about 600 calories in 30 minutes), Water retention reduced, Skin is cleansed and healed, as well as uniquely relaxing and rejuvenating Spa experience.

Foot Reflexology

Each foot has distinct zones that correlate directly with different parts of the body – its structures, organs and systems. Reflexology treatments use pressure on these zones to move energy through troubled or diseased parts of the body, and to promote healing.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy delicately manipulates of the cranial and spinal bones to restore the cranial rhythmic impulse and boost blood and lymph circulation in the head and body.

Positional Release

A technique of releasing muscle strain patterns by folding the body into positions that shorten the muscle in question. This is a gentle method of getting rid of sore trigger points and correcting the strain patterns.

Nutritional Consultation with Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

The body is said to “know” why we are sick or in pain and this knowledge is held in the muscles. Muscle Testing can detect imbalances in the body, food sensitivity and toxic situations.

Day Spa

Come and enjoy several of these therapies in the safe and peaceful atmosphere of the Center. You will receive individualized attention and counseling for all your health concerns.

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